Preparation is the beginning of a great looking new lawn. We offer a full ground preparation and turf laying service from start to finish from £15 per square meter. Although that price depends on the work involved. This service usually consists of removal of the old lawn by a petrol turf cutter. If the ground is fairly level or by rotovating the old lawn if it's too uneven to be cut off.


Firstly after removing the old grass and weeds the sub soil would be rotovated over to a depth of 4-6 inches. Secondly we prepare, re level and compact the soil, removing any large lumps ready to use as a sub base. After that, we then add a quality screened weed free topsoil to create a level surface. Sometimes adding a pre turf fertiliser. Depending on which brand of turf we are going to be laying, in order to ensure your new turf gets the best possible start prior to laying the new lawn.

If your garden soil is naturally sandy and doesn't retain water for long we can add organic matter and a compost mixture. Alternatively If you have clay based soils like in most of Essex we could also help with any drainage issues you may have by adding sand, gravel or by digging a soak away.



At Level Lawns & Landscaping we try to do our bit for the environment by recycling most of the waste materials we remove from the customers property, old lawns, turf, excess soil, plant matter, roots and hardcore will all be put through various machines and made usable again.


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ground preparation


Ground Preparation


Key Benefits of the Service

The quality of a lawn that will last for years to come all comes down to how well its been prepared to begin with.

  Turf Cutting and Removal
  Quality Weed Free Topsoil
  Re Levelling
  Lawn Rolling