Here are some of the most important aftercare steps to follow to keep your new lawn looking its best.


The watering of new turf is the most important step you need to take. This will ensure a beautiful and long lasting lawn. Your new lawn does not need immediate lawn fertiliser, but it will require plenty of water.

Too little water can cause a series of problems and affect the grass growth. If the fresh turf doesn't receive enough water the turf will shrink and form gaps. Exposing the topsoil beneath. It takes only a few hours for new turf to dry out and be damaged without water.

A new lawn will require aftercare and watering twice a day for the first 10-14 days. It will require more in warm weather than in spring or autumn. Then 2-3 times a week until its fully established. The best method we have found to evenly water the new turf is with a Hozelock oscillating sprinkler.

The sprinkler may have to be moved around a few times during watering. Make sure its covering the whole area.

If any areas are not getting watered , for example in the corners, then you must make sure to water those parts by hand with the hose pipe. The best way to determine if your turf soil is wet enough is to fold back a corner of the turf and make sure the soil underneath is moist.


Although sometimes difficult, you must try to keep off the fresh lawn turf and avoid heavy usage. The first few weeks of new turf aftercare are very important and will play a major part in how the finished lawn will look.

Most of the preparation we do involves rotovating and loose topsoil so the area will be soft for a few weeks. Walking on the new lawn will leave unsightly footprints and affect the final look.


Your new lawn will need to be mown about 3-4 weeks after the turf has been laid. We advise to wait until the grass height is about 5-6 inches. For the first cut you should set the blade on the mower to its highest setting. As a general rule, the first mow should not take off no more than one-third of the grass blades length.

It is always good to leave a bit of length on the grass as it will be less prone to disease, drought and remain a green and healthy lawn.

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